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Table 1 Sample location of Nepenthes species in Peninsular Malaysia and the outgroup species (Sarracenia flava)

From: Phylogenetic inferences of Nepenthes species in Peninsular Malaysia revealed by chloroplast (trnL intron) and nuclear (ITS) DNA sequences

Name Accessions State Altitude (m) GenBank (trnL intron) GenBank (ITS)
N. ampullaria INBIOSIS-N:AMP-2011 Johor–Ulu Tiram–Mersing 100–150 JX042566 JX042554
N. gracilis INBIOSIS-N:GRA-2011 Selangor–Bukit Putri–UKM Bangi 100–150 JX042567 JX042555
N. mirabilis INBIOSIS-N:MIR-2011 Selangor–Rawang/Batu Arang 50–100 JX042568 JX042556
N. rafflesiana var. elongata INBIOSIS-N:RAF-E-2011 Johor–Ulu Tiram–Mersing 150–300 JX042569 JX042557
N. rafflesiana var. nivea INBIOSIS-N:RAF-N-2011 Johor–Ulu Tiram–Mersing 150–300 JX042570 JX042558
N. albomarginata INBIOSIS-N:ALBO-2011 Pahang–Cameron Highland 600–1300 JX042571 JX042559
N. benstonei INBIOSIS-N:BEN-2011 Kelantan–Bukit Bakar 600–1000 JX042572 JX042560
N. sanguinea INBIOSIS-N:SAN-2011 Pahang–Cameron Highland 1000–1500 JX042573 JX042561
N. macfarlanei INBIOSIS-N:MAC-2011 Kelantan–Cameron Highland 800–1800 JX042574 JX042562
N. ramispina INBIOSIS-N:RAM-2011 Pahang–Cameron Highland 600–1700 JX042575 JX042563
N. alba INBIOSIS-N:ALBA-2011 Pahang–Cameron Highland 800–1800 JX042576 JX042564
Sarracenia flava INBIOSIS-S:FLAVA-2011 Selangor 300 (Sarracenia originated from North America–grown in Selangor, lowland condition) JX042577 JX042565