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Table 1 Laboratory results of a patient with Vitamin B12 deficiency neuropathy in a resource-limited setting of Cameroon

From: Vitamin B12 deficiency neuropathy; a rare diagnosis in young adults: a case report

Laboratory test done Results before treatment Results after 1 month of treatment Reference ranges
Hematological test
 RBC count 3 million cells/µl 4.1 million/µl 4–5.4 million/µl
 Reticulocyte count (%) 0.3% 0.95% 0.5–1.5%
 Hemoglobin (g/dl) 10.5 g/dl 12 g/dl 11–15 g/dl
 MCV (fl) 110 fl 97 fl 80–95 fl
 MCH (pg) 28 pg 30 pg 25–37 pg
 Peripheral blood smear Ovalomacrocytosis and hyper-segmented neutrophils (15%) Ovalomacrocytosis and few hyper-segmented neutrophils (5%)  
 WBC count 8500 cells/µl   4000–10,000 cells/µl
 Platelet count 250000 cells/µl   150,000–450,000 cells/µl
Serological test
 TPHA Negative   
 HIV Negative   
Stool examination No ova or larva of parasites   
Urinalysis Trace proteins   
Fasting blood sugar 89 g/dl   70–110 g/dl
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) 10 mm/hr