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Table 5 Final model with associated risk factors for herd level brucellosis seropositivity multivariable random effects logistic analysis

From: Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with bovine brucellosis in the Potohar Plateau, Pakistan

Factors OR (95% CI) P value
Abortion in third trimester
Yes versus no 17.4 (1.4–214.1) 0.026
Insemination method
AI versus natural 0.2 (0.1–0.8) 0.027
Both versus natural 4.7 (1.9–11.8) 0.001
Herd size
Large versus small 5.0 (1.74–14.6) 0.003
Variance components
Sampling site 2.01e–19   
  1. AI artificial insemination