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Fig. 1

From: Overview of findings from a 2-year study of claimants who had sustained a mild or moderate injury in a road traffic crash: prospective study

Fig. 1

Flowchart of participation in the study.*These participants were identified as potentially suitable for the study as they were screened and excluded if they: (1) had claims associated with death and nervous shock; (2) had severe injuries (defined by the Life Time Care Scheme, NSW i.e. burns, amputation, blindness, spinal cord injury and severe traumatic brain injury); (3) were aged <18; (4) were non-residents of NSW; and (5) were already 3 months post-injury.**Due to the limited time the research nurse was employed on this project, there were participants she was not able to contact for participation within a reasonable time period i.e. 3 months post-injury.***NISS—New Injury Severity Score is determined progressively in the claim process as medical records become available to trained coders at the Motor Accident Authority. Therefore for claims where NISS could not be determined due to insufficient information or score of >8 by 24 months of injury, were excluded from the analysis

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