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Table 8 Comparison of quantitative data using different morphological characters among the three species of African Riccardia

From: Quantitative morphological analysis of 2D images of complex-shaped branching biological growth forms: the example of branching thalli of liverworts

Measurement Species References
R. amazonica (AF) R. compacta R. obtusa
Main axis width 500–800 µm No data Up to 900 µm Perold [2123]
Main axis length 13–14 mm Up to 15 mm 10–15 mm
Terminal branch length 575–875 µm No data 350–2375 µm (no differences between primary and terminal)
Terminal branch width 285–500 µm No data Up to 525 µm
Angle between branches No data Up to 30° 40–70°
Branch width No data No data 200-600 µm Jones [18, 39] did not make difference between the axis levels
Branch length No data No data 0.6–1.5 (mm)
Plant length No data Up to 20 mm long No data Meenks [19]
Plant length No data Up to 7 mm No data Arnell [16]
Plant width No data 1–2 mm No data
Primary branch width No data Up to 500 µm No data