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Fig. 4

From: Clinical outcome of periodontal regenerative therapy using collagen membrane and deproteinized bovine bone mineral: a 2.5-year follow-up study

Fig. 4

A representative treatment case. 42-year-old woman. a Before surgery (baseline), in the mesial aspect of the maxillary right canine; PD 6.0 mm, CAL 7.0 mm (top). In the radiograph, vertical bone defect is observed (bottom). b During surgery, careful scaling and root planing was performed after removal of granulation tissue (top). Then the defect was filled with DBBM (middle) and covered with CB (bottom). c Postoperative views at 6 months, d 1 year, e 2.5 years; PD 2.0 mm, CAL 3.0 mm (top). In the radiograph, an improvement in the initial bone defect area can be observed (bottom)

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