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Table 1 In-depth interview guide

From: Patients’ perspective of disease and medication adherence for type 2 diabetes in an urban area in Bangladesh: a qualitative study

Category Questions
Knowledge about diabetes What do you know about diabetes?
  What causes diabetes? (Probe: Ask about genetics, food habits, physical exercise, sugar)
  What is the impact of diabetes on your life?
  What do you think are the complications of diabetes?
  What can you do to control your diabetes?
  What prevents you from managing your diabetes?
Medication use and adherence Tell me about all the medicines that you are taking currently. (Probe: names, doses, and timings)
  How do you feel to take all the medicines as advised by your physician? (Probe: emotional issues)
  Do you know about the importance of taking all your medicines? (Probe: why is it important or not?)
  What do you know about the side effects of your medicines?
  What problems do you face to take your medicines?
  Who pays for your medicines?
  How much support do you get from your family and friends about taking all your medicines as advised by your physician?