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Table 1 Contrasts produced from comparing expression profiles in PAXgene and Tempus tubes

From: Gene expression differences between PAXgene and Tempus blood RNA tubes are highly reproducible between independent samples and biobanks

Contrast Experiment Protocol Sign. probes* Sign. Transcripts*
c1 1 Original 3143 2883
c2 1 Modified 1540 1469
c3 2 Original 2236 2068
c4 2 Modified 1440 1346
c5 3 Modified 7142 6250
  1. “Contrast” enumerates the five statistical comparisons specified by “Experiment” and “Protocol”; see Fig. 1. “Sign. probes” are the number of probes on the Illumina microarray (total probes: 47323) with significantly different signals in PAXgene compared with Tempus (* p < 0.05); “Sign. Transcripts” are the number of distinct transcripts targeted by the significant probes