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Fig. 2

From: A loss of Pdxk model of Parkinson disease in Drosophila can be suppressed by Buffy

Fig. 2

Inhibiting Pdxk activity in Ddc-Gal4-expressing neurons decreases lifespan and impairs locomotor function. a The directed expression of Pdxk-RNAi in the Ddc-Gal4-expressing neurons using the Ddc-Gal4 transgene results in a decrease in median lifespan when compared to control flies expressing UAS-lacZ. The genotypes are UAS-lacZ/Ddc-Gal4 and Pdxk-RNAi/Ddc-Gal4. Longevity is shown as percent survival [P < 0.05, determined by the log-rank (Mantel–Cox) test and n ≥ 200]. b The inhibition of Pdxk in the Ddc-Gal4-expressing neurons resulted in a significant decrease in climbing ability as determined by nonlinear fitting of the climbing curves and comparing 95% CI. The genotypes are UAS-lacZ/Ddc-Gal4 and Pdxk-RNAi/Ddc-Gal4. Error bars indicate SEM and n = 50

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