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Table 4 Physical activity preferences during chemotherapy (n = 9)

From: Feasibility of a physical activity intervention during and shortly after chemotherapy for testicular cancer

What kind of activity did you prefer during chemotherapy (open question)
 Walking 6
 Walking/jogging/stair climbing 1
 Outdoor activities 1
 Pleasurable activities 1
Which intensity did you prefer?
 Low 5
 Low/moderate 2
 Moderate/hard 1
 Adjusted to the condition 1
What do you think is most suitable during BEP treatment?
 A strict exercise program 1
 A flexible program 8
Would you have preferred a personal trainer during the PA sessions outside the hospital?
 Yes 5
 No 4
Would you have been able to be more active than you actually were?
 Yes 6
 No 3
Could your coach have pushed you more?
 Yes 4
 No 5