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Table 5 Physical activity barriers during chemotherapy (n = 9)

From: Feasibility of a physical activity intervention during and shortly after chemotherapy for testicular cancer

  Mean value
Nausea 5.7
Feeling unwell 5.7
Reduced general condition 4.8
Exhausted/tired 4.6
Headache 3.6
Breathlessness 3.6
Diarrhea 2.6
Reduced muscle strength 2.6
Dyspnea 2.4
Constipation 2.1
Increased heart rate 1.6
Neuropathy 1.4
  1. “On a scale from 0 to 10, how did the following adverse effects hampered your level of physical activity during chemotherapy?” (1 = not at all to 10 = to a very high degree). Mean value for the nine patients that were interviewed, for each adverse effect