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Table 2 Description of the 7 HeiQ constructs and Cronbach’s alpha

From: Assessment of short and long-term outcomes of diabetes patient education using the health education impact questionnaire (HeiQ)

Construct Description Cronbach’s alpha
Health-directed activity Functional disease prevention and/or health promotion lifestyle activity 0.57
Positive and active engagement in life Motivation to be active and involved in life, including behavioural elements, such as participation in life activities, and psychological elements, such as enthusiasm for life activities 0.67
Self-monitoring and insight Insight into living with a health problem, including how individuals engage in self-monitoring of health problems, their acknowledgement of realistic illness-related limitations and ability and confidence to adhere to these limitations 0.51
Constructive attitudes and approaches An attitude held by individuals that they are not going to let health problems control their lives, including how individuals view the impact of their condition on their life 0.76
Skill and technique acquisition Improvement in knowledge-based skills and techniques to manage health 0.66
Social integration and support Positive impact of social engagement and support that evolves through interaction with others and includes the confidence to seek support from interpersonal relationships, as well as from community-based organizations 0.83
Emotional wellbeing Negative affect, such as anxiety, stress, anger and depression 0.76