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Table 4 FGD to assess the impact of Schisto and Ladders™ on KAP of intervention and control group

From: Development and testing of Schisto and Ladders™, an innovative health educational game for control of schistosomiasis in schoolchildren

   Question asked to kick start discussion during FGDs Intervention group Control group
  Means of transmission of S. haematobium What activities can make Schistosoma bite a player in Schisto and Ladders™ game? Nine out of the 10 pupils involved in the FGD mentioned at least one of playing, fishing, bathing, fetching water and washing clothes in dam water as activity that will make Schistosoma bite a player Only 4 pupils from the group could correctly state an activity related to Schistosoma bite with one boy that said all of fetching, washing and fishing in dam water which he said he learnt from his sister in the intervention group
Knowledge How to avoid getting infected with S. haematobium What activities promote access up the ladder in Schisto and Ladders™ game Most of the pupils mentioned activities such as fetching water from a tap and using a toilet as activities that will make one go up the ladder No pupil in the control group could give a correct response
  Symptoms of S. haematobium infection What are the symptoms that show schistosomiasis infection All the pupils could relate schistosomiasis infection with the presence of blood in urine, which they referred to as blood in piss and blood in shit as seen in the game played No pupil in the control group gave a correct response
  Intermediate host for S. haematobium worm What animal is associated with schistosomiasis The majority of the children could link Schistosomiasis infection to water snails that were seen by the dam water banks in the Schisto and Ladders™ game while two of them linked it to goat and dog None of the pupils could link, snail with schistosomiasis infection
Attitude The most appropriate place to defecate Where is it appropriate to defecate All the pupils responded that a toilet should be used for defecating There was no response from the pupils in this group
Practice Measure to be taken when blood is seen in the urine What would you do when blood is observed in the urine All the pupils responded that when blood is seen in the urine, the sufferer should go to the hospital None of the pupils had an idea about what to do when blood is seen in the urine
Perception Acceptability of the administered game Participants were asked during the FGDs on their perception of the game they played When a suggestion was made by the facilitator for a swap of Schisto and Ladders™ game with Snake and Ladder game, the pupils in the intervention group disagreed with a loud NO. A girl said it (snake and ladder) does not have words in it. They preferred Schisto and Ladders™ because it had words written on it which helped them in learning The pupils in control group all wanted a swap of the Snake and Ladder game with the Schisto and Ladders™ game because it does not have a word in it except a boy who could not give a reason while he preferred the Snake and Ladder game. Those in the control group complained that the Snake and Ladder game had nothing written on it, so they did not learn anything from it