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Table 2 Start-up cost (preparation cost) for intervention development, materials development, production of materials, and training of trainers calculated using activity-based costing of an intervention to reduce the risk of Nipah virus infection conducted in two districts of Bangladesh in 2012–2013 and 2013–2014

From: A large-scale behavior change intervention to prevent Nipah transmission in Bangladesh: components and costs

Activities Total (US$)
Intervention development
 Staff cost—international experts $131,000
 Staff cost—local experts $36,050
Cost of creating the campaign and preparing materials for production
 Training manuals, TV public service announcements, posters, calendar, yearly planner, stickers, sweat shirts $28,850
Materials pre-testing
 FGDs with local community. Materials were tested twice for the “no raw sap” intervention to get the Government approval. Materials were tested once for the “only safe sap” intervention $1893
TV materials productiona
 6-min docudrama and 3-min TV public service announcement for the “only safe sap” intervention $39,940
Last minute revision of the intervention materials  
 3-min TV public service announcement for the “no raw sap” intervention, new poster, revised calendar and revised training manuals $9000
Training of trainers
 International expert trained 7 local experts to train NGO staff $3342
Field visit for districts and NGO selection
 Transportation $5716
Total $255,791
Total in Bangladeshi taka (BDT) 21,061,831
  1. 1US$ 82.34
  2. aThe TV public service announcement cost includes initial production and two revisions. The cost of both TV public service announcements are combined because the original shooting included footage for both versions of the TV public service announcements