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Table 4 Start-up cost to prepare a Nipah prevention intervention covering 30 Nipah-affected districts with at least one Nipah spillover, Bangladesh

From: A large-scale behavior change intervention to prevent Nipah transmission in Bangladesh: components and costs

Activities Person Person-days Estimated cost
Developing intervention design NiV and research and intervention expert (international) 10 $10,000
Contribute to intervention design and provide logistical support from the Government NiV expert and intervention coordinator (from government) 10 Government contribution
Revising the intervention Behavior change communication experts 20 $20,000
To write protocol and review NGO proposals Assistant scientist 44 $4689
To identify and communicate with NGO and TV channel operators Research officera 154 $6303
Field transportationb 140 $3401
Revising the intervention materials (poster, calendar, PSA, training guide) Revision of the intervention materials (if needed)   $15,000
Cost of phone communication (Communicating local NGO, local TV channels)   $448
Total    $59,841
Total in Bangladeshi taka (BDT)    4,927,308
  1. aAt $609 per month salary, at $15 per diem
  2. bAt 2000 taka (approximately $24) per day to rent a motorcycle to explore NGO and TV channels, about 4 days in one district and half a day inter-district travel