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Fig. 2

From: Growth-dependent activity of the cold shock cspA promoter + 5′ UTR and production of the protein CspA in Staphylococcus aureus Newman

Fig. 2

A chromosomal arrangement of regulatory sequences and two proposed cspA transcriptional start points in Staphylococcus aureus. The location and length in base pairs (bp) for the promoter + 3′ sequence (arrow) and coding sequence (cds) (rectangle) for msaA in light blue are shown in relation to the length and location of the promoter + 5′ UTR (arrow) and cds (rectangle) for cspA in red. The TSP for cspA identified by primer extension is identified by a green bent arrow and located by a 112 bp dark blue overline upstream of the 200 bp coding sequence for the cspA gene in red. The initial promoter for cspA/msaB identified by Sahukhal and Elasri [20] is identified by a red bent arrow at the 5′ end of the proposed promoter for msaA in blue and located by a 514 bp red overline upstream of the cds for cspA [20]. The red 192 bp promoter + 5′ UTR of cspA designed for the XylE assays is labeled. The location of the 324 bp regulatory sequence used for XylE assays is marked by a green overline [20]. The relative locations of these features are based on sequences from S. aureus Newman (NC_009641.1) [33]

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