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Table 1 Key themes and quotations

From: The patient perspective: utilizing focus groups to inform care coordination for high-risk medicaid populations

  Care coordination Provider connection Trauma histories Mental health Executive function Peer support
Example Quote “My doctor was slacking on my genetics appointment and she emailed him and she was right on her game with it. “ “I need motivation. They [care coordinator] stay on me… Missed appointmentthey call you and want to know why… I just love them. They’re my backbone.” “My husband died, my father died, my brother died. I couldn’t go anywhere for a really long time… See I just lost my mind… I’ve’ just had loss after loss and I can’t deal.” “It’s difficult to find somebody for medication management (for mood?), so I was wondering if one of the nearby [clinics] could get a medication manager, because the doctors can’t do it, or are too busy.” “I cannot complete a project. I know that I have things to do, and I will look at a piece of paper, I will put my name on it, and then I have to put it away because I feel like I can’t complete it. I have attention deficit disorder, and learning disabilities including dyslexia … and I get so overwhelmed and feel totally crazy sometimes.” “There are a lot of things out there that you can get help about (A domestic violence group?) It doesn’t matter if it’s here or not… There is a thing right here in the lady’s room… And there’s a number that you can call… Get yourself in a group. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself.”