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Fig. 6

From: Immuno-diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum, and reduction of timelines for its positive cultures to within 3 h by pathogen-specific thymidylate kinase expression assays

Fig. 6

TMKmt Antigen expression profile among pure cultures of Uganda genotype 1. This figure shows the TMKmt antigen expression profile among pure cultures of Uganda genotype 1. In comparison, the cyclic pattern for expression of TMKmt Ag among H37RV (not shown), was different from the Ugandan genotype 1. Specifically, H37RV demonstrated an early but short lived spike in TMKmt Ag levels between 0 and 3 h post innoculation, with the next spike emerging at 12 h. This early spike in H37RV TMKmt Ag expression profiles, may explain why this lab strain grows faster than pathogenic strains. Important to note is that, regardless of these differences in cyclic patterns of TMKmt Ag expression, the Ugandan genotype displayed higher amplitudes of TMKmt mRNA expression

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