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Table 9 The demand for the replacement of missing teeth according to the position of saddle in upper arch

From: Awareness, attitudes, need and demand on replacement of missing teeth among a group of partially dentate patients attending a University Dental Hospital

Upper arch Kennedy None RPD (removable partial dentures) TS (tooth supported) bridges Implants TS bridges and implants Percentage requested fixed prosthesis Percentage requested replacement
CI (Class I) 0 22 3 6 4 37 100
CII (Class II) 6 16 14 14 8 62 98
CIII (Class III) 32 61 37 2 9 34 77
CIV (Class IV) 0 2 1 1 0 50 100
  1. Individuals of Maxillary Kennedy class I, II and IV were more interested in getting missing teeth replaced than class III individuals. A higher number of class II and IV individuals were keener on fixed options for replacing missing teeth than the other two classes