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Table 1 Reference standard positive ATCC specimens used in the validation of the new primer set, and species identification of positive clinical specimens

From: Development and validation of a real-time PCR assay for the detection of clinical acanthamoebae

Source Specimen Species Reference standard assay positivea
ATCC ATCC50372 A. polyphaga Both
ATCC30173 A. polyphaga Both
ATCC50492 A. polyphaga Both
ATCC PRA-220 Acanthamoeba spp. Both
ATCC50372 A. polyphaga Both
ATCC50373 A. castellanii Both
ATCC50492 A. castellanii Both
ATCC50493 A. castellanii Both
ATCC50739 A. castellanii Both
ATCC30171 A. culbertsoni Qvarnstrom
Clinical specimen 1 A. castellanii Both
2 A. hatchetti Qvarnstrom
3 A. castellanii Both
4 A. castellanii Qvarnstrom
5 Unknown Qvarnstrom
6 A. polyphaga Both
7 Unknown Riviere
8 A. lenticulata Riviere
9 A. castellani Riviere
10 A. griffini Riviere
11 Unknown Riviere
12 A. castellanii Both
13 A. castellanii Both
14 Unknown Riviere
15 A. lenticulata Qvarnstrom
16 Unknown Riviere
17 A. hatchetti Both
18 A. polyphaga Both
19 Unknown Qvarnstrom
20 Unknown Qvarnstrom
21 A. quina Qvarnstrom
  1. aReference standard assays were Riviere [6] and Qvarnstrom [7], and a specimen was considered positive if either assay produced a logarithmic amplification curve with cycle threshold <40 on real time PCR