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Table 1 Search strategy for retrieval of references from MEDLINE

From: Evaluating the evidence for macrophage presence in skeletal muscle and its relation to insulin resistance in obese mice and humans: a systematic review protocol

Database Search strategies
MEDLINE 1. Muscles/
  2. muscle*.ti.ab.kf.
  3. exp Muscle, Skeletal/
  4. (abdominal muscle* or pelvic floor or rectus abdominis or back muscles or intermediate back muscle* or paraspinal muscle* or superficial back muscle* or deltoid muscle* or facial muscle* or laryngeal muscle* or masticatory muscle* or masseter muscle* or pterygoid muscle* or temporal muscle* or neck muscle* or oculomotor muscle* or palatal muscle* or pectoralis muscle* or pharyngeal muscle* or upper esophageal sphincter* or velopharyngeal sphincter* or psoas muscle* or quadriceps muscle* or respiratory muscle* or diaphragm* or intercostal muscle* or rotator cuff* or stapedius or tensor tympani).ti.ab.kf.
  5. or/1-4
  6. Macrophages/
  7. Epithelioid Cells/
  8. Foam Cells/
  9. Giant Cells, Foreign-Body/
  10. Giant Cells, Langhans/
  11. macrophage*.ti.ab.kf.
  12. (epithelioid cell* or foam cell* or (giant cell* adj3 foreign-body) or (giant cell* adj3 langhans)).ti.ab.kf.
  13. or/6-12
  14. exp Obesity/
  15. obese.ti.ab.kf.
  16. obesity.ti.ab.kf.
  17. overweight.ti.ab.kf.
  18. over weight.ti.ab.kf.
  19. Overweight/
  20. Metabolic Syndrome X/
  21. metabolic syndrome
  22. or/14-21
  23. 5 and 13 and 22
  24. remove duplicates from 23