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Table 3 GlnR is in complex with proteins TnrA and GltA

From: Revisiting the in vivo GlnR-binding sites at the genome scale in Bacillus subtilis

Protein partners NO SPA PerR-SPA GlnR-SPA
GlnR ND ND 82
TnrA ND ND 4
GltA 1 ND 3
  1. Protein partners eluted and quantified by LC–MS/MS in 3 independent SPA purification experiments using cells expressing TnrA-SPA or cells expressing no SPA-tagged protein (BSB1) or PerR-SPA as controls. Samples were taken in exponential growth phase. Numbers in the table correspond to the protein abundance index (PAI). Values are normalized to the total amount of peptides detected in each experiment
  2. ND not detected