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Fig. 3

From: Changes in DNA methylation in naïve T helper cells regulate the pathophysiological state in minimal-change nephrotic syndrome

Fig. 3

Co-occurring genes* among the 3 comparisons in monocytes and Th0s. The number of probes plotted outside the 99% CI of the Mahalanobis distance within MspI 99% CI among the 3 comparisons are shown in a Venn diagram for monocytes (a) and Th0s (b). There were 85 co-occurring genes in Th0s in the 3 comparisons and 4 in monocytes. c The probes of the 85 co-occurring genes are indicated in the scatter plots comparing relapse and remission as a representative of 3 comparisons. The distributions of the 85 probes were equitable and appropriate. *“Co-occuring” genes are those identified to be common among all 3 comparisons

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