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Fig. 5

From: Changes in DNA methylation in naïve T helper cells regulate the pathophysiological state in minimal-change nephrotic syndrome

Fig. 5

Two networks diagrams generated by ingenuity pathway analysis with the 85 genes. The associated network functions of network 1 (a) were cell-mediated immune response, cellular development, and cellular function and maintenance and included 19 of the 85 genes, with a score of 47, and those of network 2 (b) were gene expression, cellular development, and cellular growth and proliferation, and included 15 of the 85 genes, with a score of 31. The networks are based on known protein–protein interactions and functional relationships. The intensity of gene (node) color in the networks indicates the degree of hypermethylation (red) or hypomethylation (gray). Nodes are displayed using various shapes that represent the functional class of gene products

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