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Table 3 List of the 82 genes co-occurring among the three sets of comparisons in Th0 cells

From: Changes in DNA methylation in naïve T helper cells regulate the pathophysiological state in minimal-change nephrotic syndrome

Less methylated in relapse More methylated in relapse
Common gene name Chromosome Common gene name Chromosome
C1orf63 1p36.13–p35.1 B3GALT6 1p36.33
ELOVL1 1p34.2 RERE* 1p36.23
RAG1AP1 1q22 PTPRF 1p34
ISG20L2 1q23.1 RALGPS2* 1q25.2
SH2D2A 1q21 H3F3A+ 1q41
DCAF8 1q22–q23 PPP1CB+ 2p23
GPR25 1q32.1 MAP4K3+ 2p22.1
PROM2 2q11.1 CDK5R2* 2q35
CREB1 2q34 EOMES+ 3p24.1
MFSD10 4p16.3 GRAMD1C 3q13.31
SH3RF2 5q32 GMPR 6p23
TNF* 6p21.3 ITPR3+ 6p21
HSD17B8 6p21.3 SNX3* 6q21
C6orf108 6p21.1 FOXO3A+ 6q21
TAGAP 6q25.3 CDK19* 6q21
NFE2L3 7p15.2 EIF3B* 7p22.3
GSTK1 7q35 IMPAD1 8q12.1
PDIA4 7q35 ADRB1+ 10q24–q26
RAB11FIP1 8p11.22 TALDO1* 11p15.5–p15.4
RPL8 8q24.3 TTC9C 11q12.3
DUSP5 10q25 SAC3D1 11q13.1
RPLP2 11p15.5 FGF19+ 11q13.1
C14orf70 14q32.2 PDS5B* 13q12.3
PSTPIP1 15q24–q25.1 RBM26 13q31.1
RHCG 15q25 MOAP1* 14q32
IL32 16p13.3 BTBD6 14q32
CIITA 16p13 RYR3+ 15q14–q15
ALKBH5 17p11.2|17p11.2 TRPM7+ 15q21
C17orf58 17q24.2 PDF 16q22.1
9-Sep 17q25 ITGB3+ 17q21.32
LONP1 19p13.2 HLF* 17q22
TNFSF14 19p13.3 DGKE* 17q22
TNFSF14 19p13.3 TIMP2+ 17q25
APG4D 19p13.2 PIP5K1C+ 19p13.3
ZBTB32 19q13.1 RTN2-FLJ40125 19q13.32
FBXO17 19q13.2 U2AF2* 19q13.42
FAM83E 19q13.33 TRIM28+ 19q13.4
SRXN1 20p13 FKBP1A+ 20p13
CPXM1 20p13–p12.3 GALR3 22q13.1
YWHAH 22q12.3 CBX7+ 22q13.1
CENPM 22q13.2   
TCF20 22q13.3|22q13.3   
  1. * Genes detected in IPA to generate the 2 pathways in Fig. 5