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Table 3 Knowledge of standard precautions among HCWs

From: Knowledge of standard precautions and barriers to compliance among healthcare workers in the Lower Manya Krobo District, Ghana

Knowledge of standard precautions among HCWs Freq. Perc.
The concept of standard precautions includes
Hand washing before and after any direct contact with patient 37 37.0
Consideration of the potential for transmission of infectious agents to patients 38 38.0
Cough etiquette such as directing patients/relatives with symptoms of a respiratory infection to cover their mouths/noses when coughing or sneezing 39 39.0
Safe injection practices such as aseptic techniques 40 40.0
Potential ways of occupational exposure
Needle stick/sharp injury 67 67.0
Splash on the eye 65 65.0
Inhalation 64 64.0
Talking to patients 64 64.0
Touching patients 64 64.0
According to the SP, hand washing is performed
Before any direct contact with patients 55 55.0
Between patients’ contact 54 54.0
Immediately after removing gloves 53 53.0
After touching body fluids such as blood, excretions and sweat 58 58.0
For which of these conditions should SP be followed
To all hospitalised patients 93 93.0
When the healthcare worker has a known or suspected infection 91 91.0
When the patient has a known or suspected infection 90 90.0
At the discretion of the healthcare worker. 90 90.0
Body fluids that require SP
Blood 92 92.0
Vaginal fluids 91 91.0
Blood tinged body fluids 91 91.0
Saliva in dental procedures 91 91.0
Important factors in deciding when to use PPEs such as goggles, mask, gloves, gowns and apron
HIV/AIDS 52 52.0
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection 51 51.0
Signs and symptoms of infection 53 53.0
Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV
HIV counseling and testing is done immediately after the exposure 49 49.0
PEP is given only to HIV negative test result 49 49.0
Two or three antiretroviral drugs are given immediately after the exposure but within 72 h 90 90.0
The antiretroviral drug is taken for 4 weeks 64 64.0
  1. Results of multiple choice questions are reported in this table so N exceeds 100 for thematic areas in italic text
  2. Freq. frequency, Perc. percent, SP standard precautions, PPE personal protective equipment