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Table 2 SNPs found in Passiflora alata putative genes, their position in the contig, and the SNP class classified as intronic (I) and exonic (E)

From: Report on the development of putative functional SSR and SNP markers in passion fruits

SNP marker code Position in the contig Putative gene function SNP class Parental genotypes F1 genotypes
‘2(12)’ ‘SV3’ ‘F1-67’ ‘F1-100’
Pa_F-P9A06 532 Lipoxygenase [Passiflora edulis] I G/C G/G G/C C/C
Pa_F-P5A12_F 127 ABC transporter G family member 36-like [Brassica napus] E A/T T/T A/T T/T
235 I T/C T/C T/C T/C
Pa_F-P5A12_R 160 ABC transporter G family member 36-like [Brassica napus] I G/T G/T G/T G/T
169 I G/A G/G G/A G/G
Pa_F-P9B08 333 KINASE 2B family protein [Populus trichocarpa] I A/A A/C A/A A/A
342 I T/T A/T T/T T/T
344 I C/C A/C C/C C/C
347 I T/T G/T T/T T/T
Pa_F-P10C11 44 ATP binding protein, putative [Ricinus communis] E ?/? C/T C/T C/T
Pa_F-Contig10 158 Uncharacterized protein LOC100855146 [Vitis vinifera] E G/C G/G G/C G/C
Pa_F-Contig71 309 Hypothetical protein POPTR_0010s13740 g [Populus trichocarpa] E G/T T/T T/T G/T
323 E C/C G/C G/C G/C
Pa_R-Contig127 108 Hypothetical protein MANES_02G192700 [Manihot esculenta] E G/C C/C G/C ?/?
336 I G/A G/G G/A ?/?
364 I A/C A/A A/C ?/?
Pa_ F-Contig68 104 Unnamed protein product [Vitis vinifera] E T/C T/C T/C C/C
303 E C/C T/C C/C C/C
343 E T/C C/C ?/? T/T
347 E T/C C/C ?/? C/C
349 E T/C C/C ?/? T/T
Pa_F-P10D05 181 Hypothetical protein SOVF_097380 [Spinacia oleracea] E A/G A/A G/G A/A
350 E A/T T/T A/A T/T
371 E A/G A/A G/G A/A
381 E A/G G/G A/A G/G
Pa_F-P7E01 212 Hypothetical protein LR48_Vigan02g193200 [Vigna angularis] E G/C C/C G/C G/C
Pa_F-P8F01 163 Syntaxin-32 [Jatropha curcas] I T/C T/C T/C T/T
246 I T/G T/G T/G T/T
247 I T/G T/G T/G T/T
Pa_F-P4G06 287 Gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase precursor [Glycine max] I G/C C/C C/C C/C
Pa_F-P5G12 264 Hypothetical protein POPTR_0001s31350 g [Populus trichocarpa] E T/T A/T A/T T/T
Pa_F-P9H12 286 Uncharacterized protein LOC105122267 isoform X2 [Populus euphratica] I G/A G/A G/A G/A
Pa_R-P3A02 186 Hypothetical protein MANES_03G177700 [Manihot esculenta] I T/C C/C ?/? T/C
225 I T/C C/C ?/? T/C
  1. SNP alleles were detected by evaluating the parental genotypes and two F1 genotypes