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Table 2 Mycoplasma genitalium positive women

From: Prevalence and significance of Mycoplasma genitalium in women living with HIV in Denmark

Mycoplasma genitalium positive women #1 #2 #3
Age group at inclusion (years)a 30–40 40–50 30–40
Race Asian Asian Asian
Origin Thailand Thailand Thailand
Place of HIV transmission Asia Asia Asia
Mode of HIV transmission IDU Heterosexual Heterosexual
CD4 (cells/µL) >350 >350 >350
HIV RNA load Undetectable Undetectable Undetectable
Smoking Smoker Non-smoker Smoker
On ART Yes Yes Yes
Sexually active Yes Yes Yes
Positive for other STDb No No No
Lifetime sexual partners >40 <4 >40
Marital status Unknown Married Single
Symptoms from the lower abdomen None None None
  1. IDU intravenous drug-use, ART antiretroviral treatment, STD sexually transmitted diseases
  2. aAge is indicated as a 10-year range
  3. bAt inclusion