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Table 2 Changes in body weight, gastrointestinal integrity, and endotoxin permeability over time

From: Effects of bacitracin methylene disalicylate and diet change on gastrointestinal integrity and endotoxin permeability in the duodenum of broiler chicken

  Unit N LSMean SEM P value
Body weight <0.001
 Day 0a,b Kg 8 1.59x 0.04  
 Day 3 Kg 16 2.10y 0.04
 Day 7 Kg 16 2.53z 0.04
Gastrointestinal integrity <0.001
 Day 0 Ω/cm2 8 396.3z 14.3  
 Day 3 Ω/cm2 14c 537.5y 14.1
 Day 7 Ω/cm2 14c 519.4y 13.6
Endotoxin permeability 0.903
 Day 0 µg/ml/min/cm2 8 3395 2016  
 Day 3 µg/ml/min/cm2 16 5066 1886
 Day 7 µg/ml/min/cm2 16 5808 1615
  1. a Day 0 (31 days post hatch) samples were taken as baseline samples prior to the switch in feed to a grower diet on day 0 that either contained 50 g/ton of bacitracin methylene disalicylate (BMD) or no BMD. Day 3 samples were taken 3 and 4 days following the feed change and occurred at 34 and 35 days post hatch, respectively. Day 7 samples were taken 7 and 8 days following the feed change and occurred at 38 and 39 days post hatch, respectively
  2. b Data were similar for BMD dietary treatment and the interaction of day and BMD treatment; therefore, data shown are for differences in day regardless of dietary treatment
  3. c Due to malfunctions with the chambers data was only collected on 7 broilers per treatment with a total of 14 measurements collected for each time point
  4. xyz changes in superscript within row indicate differences between pairwise comparisons after Tukey’s post hoc adjustment (P < 0.05)