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Table 3 Illustrative quotations

From: Achieving community-based postpartum follow up in eastern Uganda: the field experience from the MamaMiso Study on antenatal distribution of misoprostol

THEME: phone difficulties “My phone was faulty, the battery was spoiled so I was off air” (Quotation from woman)
“I delivered at home and did not report because I did not have the phone because my husband had gone for a safari and had not come back…” (Quotation from woman)
“My husband does not allow me to make phone calls.” (Quotation from woman)
“I left the book which had your telephone number in the hospital. I did not remember about the telephone number on the participant information sheet.” (Quotation from woman)
THEME: inaccurate baseline information “I followed up the participant at the given address but failed to get her because the villages given don’t exist.” (Quotation from study staff)
“The [name of contact person provided] had died some time back, [the neighbors] told me that they had never come across the name of the participant in their village.” (Quotation from study staff)
“I couldn’t locate [the participant] and none of the residents from the shops could either…the residents directed me to the local chairperson’s home who also didn’t know this participant.” (Quotation from study staff)
THEME: misperceptions “I thought [reporting my delivery] was not important since I was fine after delivery.” (Quotation from woman)
“I delivered and forgot to call until a nurse called me and asked if I had delivered.” (Quotation from woman)
“Participant followed up late because she feared calling us due to the fact that she swallowed only two tablets and missed one… She thought we would blame her for not swallowing the third tablet.” (Quotation from study staff)
“[The husband] answered the phone … He wondered whether it was necessary to follow [the wife] up… He said he will need us to follow her up in his presence… He also asked me why a man called to find out whether she had delivered.” (Quotation from study staff)
THEME: travel/events “On my third day after delivery I lost someone and travelled… for a burial. That’s why the MamaMiso staff were not able to find me.” (Quotation from woman)
“When my baby died, I lost my marriage, that’s why you were not able to get me at my home. I had come here to stay with my mother.” (Quotation from woman)
“When I reached the home, I did not get the participant because she had lost her one twin and they had taken the twin to another village for burial.” (Quotation from study staff)
“I was told by the neighbor that she left for their village… after delivery. She went with her mother because they had a misunderstanding with her husband.” (Quotation from study staff)
THEME: condition of mother/neonate “I was very sick and confused so I could not remember to report to you people that I had delivered.” (Quotation from woman)
“After the death of the baby I was disturbed in the mind so I could not even remember to notify you that I had delivered.” (Quotation from woman)
“I called the participant today… she said she was operated on and the baby passed on…she went to a relatives place for more support.” (Quotation from study staff)
  1. Participant numbers and locations have been redacted from quotations. Quotations from women were typically provided in one of the three local languages (Ateso, Lugisu, Lugwere) and translated by study staff into English for recording. The English grammar of some quotations has been amended to facilitate comprehension