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Table 1 Salmonella Typhimurium strains belonging to the same phage type show different CRISPR/CRISPOL type

From: Phage typing or CRISPR typing for epidemiological surveillance of Salmonella Typhimurium?

Phage type Isolate ID (source) Lab Accession Number CRISPR type CRISPOL type References
DT1 DT1 (Clinical isolate) Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute aTraces-0ajzxba (ERS007598) 8579 430 [2]
TM 68-619 (Clinical isolate) Institut Pasteur Traces-0MviFiU 2536 54 Enterobase
TM 65-111 (Clinical isolate) Institut Pasteur Traces-0BvXZSr 7387 90 Enterobase
DT10 MS34 (Control DT10) NSSLRL bTraces-0eeFHtx (PRJEB18673) 9509 1629 This study
S81-784 (Clinical isolate) Institut Pasteur Traces-0bXCHix 9913 1688 Enterobase
DT15a MS41 (Control DT15a) NSSLRL bTraces-0FVsVub (PRJEB18673) 9517 1634 This study
S81-798 (Clinical isolate) Institut Pasteur Traces-0QWCSHz 9916 1756 Enterobase
DT41 M11-2004 (Control DT41) NSSLRL bTraces-0hioJez (PRJEB18673) 9513 1630 This study
CQ 41 (Clinical isolate) Institut Pasteur Traces-0BkvapO 7434 223 Enterobase
S02-0321 (Clinical isolate) Institut Pasteur Traces-0JWTeTs 9929 1766 Enterobase
  1. aAccession Numbers in Enterobase of clinical isolates of S. Typhimurium used in this study. The Accession Number in ENA for each isolate is also provided
  2. bAccession Numbers in Enterobase of control phage types of S. Typhimurium sequenced in this study. The Accession Number in ENA is also provided