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Fig. 6

From: Evaluation of the effect of a floxed Neo cassette within the dystroglycan (Dag1) gene

Fig. 6

Quantitative analysis of Dag1 expression in skeletal muscle of 5 months old Dag1 +/+, Dag1 Neo/+, Dag1 Neo/Neo, and Dag1 ΔNeo/ΔNeo mice. Total mRNA was purified from tibialis anterior skeletal muscle of 5 months old mice and retro-transcribed to cDNA. Real-Time PCR reactions were performed using probes for the Dag1 and Gadph genes. Results are expressed as fold change of Dag1 expression in Dag1 Neo/+ (n = 4), Dag1 Neo/Neo (n = 4), and Dag1 ΔNeo/ΔNeo (n = 4) lines relative to the Dag +/+ line (n = 4). No significant difference was noted between any of the genotypes (p = 0.707). Error bars represent SEM

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