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Fig. 7

From: Evaluation of the effect of a floxed Neo cassette within the dystroglycan (Dag1) gene

Fig. 7

Assessment of skeletal muscle regeneration in Dag1 +/+, Dag1 Neo/+, Dag1 Neo/Neo, and Dag1 ΔNeo/ΔNeo mice. Skeletal muscle regeneration process after CTX injection was not affected in Dag1 Neo/+, Dag1 Neo/Neo, and Dag1 ΔNeo/ΔNeo 5 months old mice compared to Dag1 +/+ mice. a Hematoxylin and eosin staining of transverse frozen sections of tibialis anterior muscle. b Quantification of the number of centrally nucleated fibers in mice 10 days after the injection with CTX. Centrally nucleated fibers were counted from five randomly selected fields per section to evaluate fibre regeneration (four mice per group). No significant difference was found among the four experimental groups (p = 0.559). Error bars represent SEM

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