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Fig. 1

From: Absence of nuclease activity in commonly used oxygen-scavenging systems

Fig. 1

Analysis for potential nuclease contamination in commonly used single-molecule oxygen scavenging systems. The Marker lanes have DNA only, no protein was added. a Single-stranded DNA 92-mer (lanes 1–3) and 66-mer (lanes 4–6) and double-stranded 66-mer duplex (lanes 7–8) were tested. b Double-stranded circular pUC19 plasmid DNA (2686 bp), the faster migrating band is supercoiled DNA (S) and the slower migrating band is nicked DNA (N). c pUC19 plasmid DNA treated with DNase1 for indicated times. Lane 1, puC19 plasmid marker; Lanes 2 and 3, pUC19 treated with DNase1; Lane 4, pUC19 plus GODCAT OSS; Lanes 5 and 6, pUC19 plus GODCAT OSS treated with DNase1; Lane 7, pUC19 plus PCD OSS; Lanes 8 and 9, pUC19 plus PCD OSS treated with DNase1

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