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Table 1 Literature review summary of the patient case’s main characteristics

From: Blinded by Zika? A missed HIV diagnosis that resulted in optic neuropathy and blindness: a case report

  Age and sex Symptoms preceeding loss of vision (LOV) Time between suspected time of infection and LOV LOV MRI enhancement HIV viral load (VL) copies/mL and CD4/mm3 Treatment Evolution Relapse
This case 72 years ♂ Flu like symptoms 3 months Bilateral Yes VL: 1.9E5
CD4: 656
No improvement No
Coriat et al. [11] 57 years ♂ Flu like symptoms
Bilateral peripheral facial paralysis
T6–T9 Dysesthesia
2 months Bilateral No VL: 1.5E5
CD4: 388
No improvement No
Larsen et al. [12] 21  years ♀ Flu like symptoms
10 days Bilateral Yes VL: 1.3E5
CD4 558
Corticosteroids Complete resolution No
Graber et al. [13] 28  years ♀ Paresthesia left arm 10 weeks Bilateral Unknown VL: 669
CD4: 554
Corticosteroids Complete resolution Yes
Nkoghe et al. [14] 32  years ♂ None 6 months Unilateral Unknown VL: 1.4E3
CD4 687
Corticosteroids Complete resolution Yes