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TableĀ 1 Proteins whose function is predicted confidently along with their corresponding genomes and subcellular location

From: Structural and functional annotation of hypothetical proteins of human adenovirus: prioritizing the novel drug targets

Sr no Uniprot ID HAdV Function Confidence level Virus-PLoc
01 P03269 HAdV-2 DNA terminal protein 7/9 Host nucleus
02 P03261 HAdV-2 DNA polymerase 8/9 Host nucleus
03 P03263 HAdV-2 DNA binding protein 6/9 Host cytoplasm
04 Q83127 HAdV-7 Adenovirus E3 region protein CR1 6/9 Host cell membrane
05 Q1L4D7 Human mastadenovirus B Adenoviral protein L1 7/9 Host cytoplasm and nucleus
06 I6LEV1 Human mastadenovirus B Adenoviral protein L1 6/9 Host cytoplasm and nucleus