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Fig. 3

From: Lipid-rafts remain stable even after ionizing radiation induced disintegration of β1 integrin containing focal adhesions

Fig. 3

Effects of ionizing radiation on integrin β1 and cholesterol microdomain organization of 2D and 3D cultured MEF cells. H-Plots of datasets analyzed with Ripley’s K function for integrin β1 and cholesterol microdomains from 2D (a) and 3D (b) cultured cells. The peak heights (H(r) = L(r) − r) represent the degree of clustering (H(r) max) and their position the most frequent cluster size (r in nm). H-plots show results for controls and cells irradiated with 15 Gy fixed 15 min and 6 h after IR. Color code: integrin β1 control (black), integrin β1 15 min after IR (dark gray), integrin β1 6 h after IR (light gray), 2D cholesterol control (dark blue), 2D cholesterol 15 min after IR (mid-blue), 2D cholesterol 6 h after IR (light blue), 3D cholesterol control (dark green), 3D cholesterol 15 min after IR (mid-green) and 3D cholesterol 6 h after IR (light green). Also, an analysis of 100 random distributions of localizations containing the same number of signals as the control are plotted (confidence interval, gray)

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