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Fig. 1

From: Changes in salivary oxytocin after inhalation of clary sage essential oil scent in term-pregnant women: a feasibility pilot study

Fig. 1

Changes in preinhalation and postinhalation oxytocin levels. Left: Experiment group, n = 5, E4 and E5 are not shown because the oxytocin levels at all the time points were unmeasurable; Right: Control group, n = 6, C5 and C6 are not shown because the oxytocin level at all the time points were unmeasurable. Comparison within groups, no significant differences in the oxytocin levels were found between preinhalation and postinhalation (experiment group: p = 0.241; control group: p = 0.682). Comparison between groups, no significant differences were found in the preinhalation levels of oxytocin (p = 0.310) and the changes between preinhalation and 15 min (p = 1.000), 30 min (p = 0.190), and 60 min (p = 0.690) postinhalation

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