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Fig. 2

From: Effects of a naturally occurring amino acid substitution in bovine PrP: a model for inherited prion disease in a natural host species

Fig. 2

Test of copper sensitivity in PBLs from wild-type and EK211 cattle. PBLs isolated from each calf were treated with increasing concentrations of Cu2+ for 48 h, and cell viability was determined by the MTT assay. MTT values from triplicate wells for each animal were averaged, followed by averaging across genotypes to generate the displayed curves (the animals used were the same 6 as in Table 1, with the same bleed dates); data are displayed as the average MTT reading as a fraction of the average reading at 0 µM Cu2+, and the error bars represent the 95% CI for the calves of each genotype. Inset: Comparison of single KK211 calf (filled circles) to EE211 calf (open circles). Data analysis and axis labels are identical to the main panel

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