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Table 1 Identity of isolates determined using the algorithm

From: Extending the utility of the WHO recommended assay for direct detection of enteroviruses from clinical specimen for resolving poliovirus co-infection

S/N Information prior this study Results of this study
Previously determined ID Species WHO 2015 Species Resolving Modification (SRM) Poliovirus Resolving Modification (PRM) Final summary of isolates identified
AN89 189 187 Sab 1 Sab 2 Sab 3
1 E3 EV-B E3 unx E3 Neg Neg Neg E3
2 E19 EV-B E7 unx E19 Neg Neg Neg E7/E19
3 E7 EV-B E7 unx E7 Neg Neg Neg E7
4 E19 EV-B Neg E20 Neg Neg Neg Neg E20/E19
5 E7 EV-B E7 Neg E7 Neg Neg Neg E7
6 E19 EV-B Neg unx E19 Neg Neg Neg E19
7 E7 EV-B E7 unx E7 Neg Neg Neg E7
8 UNT EV-B E7 unx E7 Neg Neg Neg E7
9 CV-A13 EV-C CV-A13 unx CV-A13 Neg Neg Neg CV-A13
10 CV-A13 EV-C CV-A13 CV-A13 CV-A13 Neg Neg Neg CV-A13
11 CV-A13 EV-C CV-A13 CV-A13 unx Neg Neg Neg CV-A13
12 CV-A13 EV-C CV-A13 CV-A13 Neg Neg Neg Neg CV-A13
13 PV-1 EV-C PV-1 PV-1 PV-1 PV-1 PV-2 PV-3 PV-1, PV-2, PV-3
14 PV-2 EV-C PV-2 PV-2 unx Neg PV-2a unx PV-2
15 PV-3 EV-C PV-3 PV-3 unx Neg Neg PV-3b PV-3
16 PV-1, PV-2, PV-3,
CV-A13 (S/N 11),
E7 (S/N 3), E3 (S/N 1)
EV-B and C PV-2 unx PV-1 PV-1 PV-2a PV-3b PV-1, PV-2, PV-3
  1. The primers included in the Species and Poliovirus Resolving Modifications (SRMs and PRMs) are referred to in the text as Species and Poliovirus Resolving Primers (SRPs and PRPs), respectively
  2. The PRM did not amplify any of the isolates in samples 1–12
  3. E Echovirus, EV enterovirus, PV Poliovirus, CV Coxsackievirus; unx unexploitable due to bad sequence data, Unt untypable, Neg negative (no amplification)
  4. a, bIsolates are genetically the same