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Fig. 3

From: A graphical user interface for RAId, a knowledge integrated proteomics analysis suite with accurate statistics

Fig. 3

Illustrations of RAId_GUI “Tools” when analyzing the spectral data file PSM1029_07FEB15_ABRF_FT_100c.mzXML. The top sector spectra viewer in a displays the chromatogram of PSM1029_07FEB15_ABRF_FT_100c.mzXML; the middle sector displays the MS/MS spectrum (Scan Number 2467) of FDEFFSEGCAPGSK, the peptide of record number 19 belonging to protein P02787 (see Fig. 2); the bottom sector displays the same spectrum filtered by the RAId score scoring function. b The “Peptide Product-Ions” tool using the same peptide FDEFFSEGCAPGSK and its corresponding spectrum. The top sector tabulates the theoretical fragments of the peptide with experimentally supported matches shown in red. The bottom sector shows the filtered spectrum; strong peaks having (no) theoretical matches displayed in red (blue)

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