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Table 1 Hospital sites selected for stakeholder consultations and characteristics of health professionals involved

From: Where to from here? A quality improvement project investigating burns treatment and rehabilitation practices in India

Site Capacity Patient flow Resources with burn care and rehabilitation team Health professionals involved in consultations
Site A, Public Hospital, New Delhi 65 bedded burns unit 5800 patients admitted each year, with 55% surviving and nearly 100% loss to follow up post 3 weeks of discharge, with population base of up-to 500 km Team of 20 consultants (including residents), 15 nurses, 2 physio-therapists, 7 ward attendants Professor; head of the department, male
Senior resident, female
Physiotherapist, female
Site B, Public Hospital, New Delhi 50 bedded burns unit 4300 patients admitted each year, with nearly 50% surviving. Loss to follow up is high and population base of up-to 500 km Team of 17 consultants, 12 nurses, 5 ward attendants, 1 dietician. Physiotherapists, psychiatrist and social workers are consulted at on call basis Professor; head of the department, male
Psychiatrist, female
Site C, Private Hospital, Gujarat 4 bedded unit 12–16 patients admitted each year. 90% surviving all patients followed up till best possible rehabilitation Team of 2 consultants, 4 nurses, 2 ward attendants, 1 physiotherapist, 1 dietician and an on-call social worker Lead clinician, male
Physiotherapist, male
Site D, Public Hospital and educational institute, Gujarat 24 bedded burns unit and 7 beds in general surgery unit 4800 patients admitted, numbers for OPD are uncertain as burns patients are looked at general surgery Team of 7 consultants and 15 nursing staff, ward attendants 3. Physiotherapy department consulted on need basis Senior resident, general surgery, male
Senior resident, burns, female
Head of physiotherapy department, male
Site E, Private Hospital, Mumbai 10 bedded unit 300 admission each year. No regular OPD Team of 4 consultants, 25 nurses and brothers, 1 physiotherapist, 1 psychologist, 1 dietician, 2 social worker Psychologist, female
Social worker, female
Site F, Charitable Hospital, Indore 12 bedded unit 250 admission every year and an OPD of 750 patients Team of 5 consultant staff, 9 nurses, 7 paramedical staff, 1 dietician, 1 physiotherapist, 1 psychologist, 1 occupational therapist Burns surgeon, female
General surgeon, female
Psychologist, female
Occupational therapist, male
Physiotherapist, female
Site G, Public Hospital, Mumbai 8 bedded burns unit, and 4 beds in general surgery unit 700 admitted patients, usual practice is for male patients to be sent to general surgery and OPD of 1000 patients Team of 3 doctors, 3 nurses, 1 physiotherapist, 1 social worker, 2 occupational therapists and 1 dietician are consulted on referral basis Small group discussion with the burns treatment team