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Table 3 Key themes identified by health professionals with illustrative quotes

From: Where to from here? A quality improvement project investigating burns treatment and rehabilitation practices in India

Theme Quote
Lack of awareness of first aid burn care among community members But madam, we have to provide First Aid, patients can’t do it for themselves.”
[Nurse, Public Hospital]
Lack of awareness is a big issue. Appropriate first aid can go a long way.” [Resident, Public Hospital]
“You would be surprised that even doctors do not know what to do in case of chemical burns, not water alkali- right! There is need for IEC material (information, education and communication materials) both for public and health professionals.”
[General Surgeon, Charitable Hospital]
Human resource, training and stigma “Man power is our biggest challenge.”
[Consultant, Public Hospital]
“Plastic surgeons don’t want to attend to burns patients. We as general surgeons do a range of surgeries, we can manage till wound healing. However after that I do not feel confident for splinting- that I am providing the best treatment to these patients.”
[General Surgeon, Public Hospital]
Infrastructure and resources “Dressing is an issue, it is very expensive. We use banana leaves, there is clinical evidence - you can see publication on this by Dr Gore.”
[Senior Resident, Public Hospital]
“Stretchers, sterilization and mobility can be challenging.”
[Physiotherapist, Public Hospital]
“We run a skin bank. As you can see here it is not cheap- the process takes days but prognosis is very good. Our outreach team has to put in a lot of effort to convince families and staff needs to ensure there is no bleeding. It is a very skilful job”.
[Microbiologist, Not-for-profit Hospital]
Lack of standardization in treatment practices “We don’t have standardised referral procedures. It depends on availability of bed and degree of burns, patient prognosis between emergency departments, burns and general surgery”
[Senior resident, Public Hospital]
Lack of guidelines for rehabilitation There was this female patient and she was from a good family. She came back with contractures in her hand after 3 months. She was just lazy. She did not do the exercises we told her.”
[Resident, Public Hospital]
It is very late in practice after years of experience that physicians begin to recognise the relevance of mental health in patient treatment.”
[Consultant, Charitable Hospital]