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Table 2 Use of oral agents in people with diabetes admitted in the ED for hypoglycemia

From: Severe hypoglycaemia in diabetic patients in Pre-hospital and Emergency Department care: a cross-sectional survey

Subgroups Drug class combination n
Oral agents only, without SU +Metformin and DPPI 1
+TZD 1
Missing 1
Subtotal 3
Oral agents only, including SU Monotherapy 5
+Metformin 7
+DPPI and metformin 3
+Metformin and AGI 1
Subtotal 17
Oral agents plus insulin +Metformin 3
+Metformin and DPPI 2
+Metformin, DPPI and SU 1
+Metformina and AGI 1
+Metformin, TZD and SU 1
Missing 1
Subtotal 9
  Total 29
  1. DPPI DPP-IV inhibitor, SU sulphonylurea, TZD thiazolidinedione, AGI alpha-glucosidase inhibitor