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Table 1 Patient’s blood test results, virology results including serology (A) and PCR results from vesicle fluid (B), confirming primary VZV infection, and histology summary from splenic tissue (C)

From: Spontaneous splenic rupture complicating primary varicella zoster infection: a case report

A) Blood results:
Haemoglobin 110 g/l CRP 59 mg/l Malaria parasites None seen
MCV 91.3 fl Bilirubin 26 μmol/l EBV VCA IgG Negative
Platelets 78 × 109/l Alkaline phosphatase 27 IU/l EBV VCA IgM Negative
White cell count 3.6 × 109/l Alanine aminotransferase 27 IU/l EBV EBNA IgG Positive
Neutrophils 2.4 × 109/l Albumin 35 g/l CMV IgG Positive
Lymphocytes 0.6 × 109/l Sodium 134 mmol/l CMV IgM Negative
Eosinophils 0.0 × 109/l Potassium 4.4 mmol/l HIV-1 and 2 Non reactive
Blood film Thrombocytopenia. Stomatocytes seen Urea 7.8 mmol/l Hep B surface antigen Non reactive
INR 1.0 Creatinine 70 μmol/l Hep B core antibody Negative
Prothrombin time 11.4 s Amylase 33 IU/l Hep C antibody Negative
APTT 33.0 s Lactate 1.2 Urine Chlamydia DNA Negative
APTT ratio 1.10 Bicarbonate 24 VZV IgG Equivocal
B) Vesicle fluid investigations
VZV DNA Detected
HSV DNA Not detected
C) Histology report summary
Spleen shows normal histology with subcapsular haematoma and a minor degree of intraparenchymal haemorrhage. The splenic white pulp and red pulp appear normal. No granulomas are seen, there is no evidence of a neoplastic process. In situ hybridisation for EBV is negative and Congo red stains for amyloid deposition is also negative