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Table 2 Distribution of pathogens in different types of clinical samples

From: Re-exploring the value of surveillance cultures in predicting pathogens of late onset neonatal sepsis in a tertiary care hospital in southern Sri Lanka

Type of specimen Pathogen Number of episodes
Total On admission During NICU
Blood ESBL producing coliforms (Klebsiella pneumoniae pneumoniae) 8 3 5
Non-ESBL coliforms (Proteus spp.) 2 2
Strep. pneumoniae 1 1
Respiratory secretions (ET, PA, GA) ESBL producing coliform spp. 2 2
Enterococcus spp. 1 1
Coag. Neg. Staphylococcus 1 1
Acinetobacter spp. 1 1
CSF (from EVD shunt) ESBL producing coliforms 1 1
  1. ESBL Extended spectrum beta lactamase; ET endo-tracheal; PA pharyngeal aspirate; GA gastric aspirate; CSF cerebrospinal fluid; EVD external ventricular drain