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Table 2 Responses of doctors in the sample (n-123) regarding criteria for referral to a specialist

From: Knowledge, attitudes and skills in melanoma diagnosis among doctors: a cross sectional study from Sri Lanka

Question True False Don’t know
A new mole appearing after the onset of puberty, which is changing in shape, colour or size 70.7 10.6 18.7
A long standing mole which is changing in shape, colour or size 80.5 4.1 15.4
Any mole which has three or more colours or has lost its symmetry 65.0 5.7 29.3
A mole which is itching or bleeding 60.2 9.8 30
Any new persistent skin lesion, specially if growing, pigmented or vascular in appearance and if the diagnosis is not clear 74.0 5.7 20.3
A new pigmented line in a nail specially where there us associated damage to the nail 42.3 21.1 36.6
A lesion growing under a nail 54.5 7.3 38.2