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Table 1 Effect of anoxic culture on expression of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the presence (day 3) and absence (day 10) of HIF1 expression

From: Differential expression of cytokines and receptor expression during anoxic growth

Cytokines Relative change (anoxic/normoxic)a
Day 3b
Relative change (anoxic/normoxic)a
Day 10b
IFN-α2 0.7c d 0.9
GRO 1.1c d 1.3c
IL-6 0.9d 1.9c
IL-8 1.9c d 3.4c
CXCL-10 0.7c d 0.9
CXCL-9 1.0d 1.1c
G-CSF 1.3c d 1.2c
IL-11 1.4c d 1.1c
  1. aRatio anoxic cytokine levels to normoxic levels
  2. bNumber of days in the absence of oxygen
  3. cSignificant change in production (p ≤ 0.01). n = 19 replicates
  4. dSignificant change (p ≤ 0.01) between day 3 and day 10 relative cytokine production