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Fig. 1

From: A constrained SSU-rRNA phylogeny reveals the unsequenced diversity of photosynthetic Cyanobacteria (Oxyphotobacteria)

Fig. 1

Collapsed constrained phylogeny of Oxyphotobacteria based on an alignment of 2302 SSU rRNA (16S) sequences (1233 unambiguously aligned nucleotide positions). The backbone of the tree shown in thick lines corresponds to the branches constrained by a phylogenomic tree of 71 OTUs × 170,983 positions [28]. The tree is rooted on Melainabacteria. Clusters on a red background have a fraction of sequenced genomes < 1% and can be considered as “unsequenced” due to the lack of representative genomes. Clusters on another coloured background have a higher fraction of sequenced genomes (“sequenced” clusters) and were annotated using the clade names of Shih et al. [12]. For each cluster (at the exception of Melainabacteria), we report in brackets the number of OTUs, the number of constrained genome sequences and the fraction of sequenced genomes

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