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Fig. 1

From: Student performance on the Test of Scientific Literacy Skills (TOSLS) does not change with assignment of a low-stakes grade

Fig. 1

Assigning a grade had no significant effect on student performance (a) or self-reported effort (b) on the TOSLS within our general education Biology course. Repeated measures ANOVA showed no significant effect of grade/no grade on score (P = 0.416) or self-reported effort (P = 0.18). There was a significant difference between the pretest and posttest scores in both models (P = 0.001). Pair-wise comparisons were made with post-hoc, paired t-tests. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. Asterisks denote significant differences between pretest and posttest scores as determined by post hoc paired t-tests. P < 0.01 for no grade, and 0.005 for grade

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